"Glück Auf" - Good Luck from the Salt Mine in Hallstatt

On the trail of the "Man in Salt" in the oldest salt mine in the world!

Take the panorama funicular railway up the mountain to discover the mysterious attraction of this mystical area. The path leads to the tunnel mouth and into a unique underground world first dug by hand more than 3000 years ago: many kilometres of tunnels lead deep into the rock interior. Beams of light from the torches sweep over the glistening rock face and briefly illuminate the places where hard-working miners laboured so very long ago.

Our opening times.

Fast miners’ slides eventually take you to the subterranean salt lake in the heart of the mine, where a multimedial show presents the “white gold” that has been mined in Hallstatt from immemorial time. After a brief pause you take the miners’ railway back to daylight and the Hallstatt High Valley, which now appears in a whole new light.