Children's tours with Sally, the clever little mine duck

She loves to splash about in the salt lake, slides through the tunnels and sings songs in the heart of the salt mine: Sally, the clever little mine duck, lives at the salt mine, deep inside Sandling mountain. During children’s tours, she shows younger visitors to the salt mine the glistening rock salt and secret passageways. A squeakily fun journey below ground, ideal for children ages 4 to 10. Welcome to Sally’s children’s tour!

How did salt get into the mountain in the first place? How do you get it out again? And what do we need salt for? Sally, our clever little mine duck, knows the answers to these and many other questions about the salt mine in Altaussee. You see, the mine tunnels here are her home, her world. And she is proud to share all of this with kids ages 4 to 10 during one of her children’s tours. They will playfully get to know and understand the world deep underground, hear exciting and funny stories. And detailed, lovingly designed animations make it even easier to understand everything they are introduced to.

Fun above ground for young guests

Children ages 4 and up are welcome to join Sally on this journey. But there's also lots for even younger guests to discover here as well. That includes a great playground right next to Altaussee salt mine. They are also sure to have a wonderful time in the Salt Mine Shop, where they will find marvelous items made of salt - and so much more.

Everything you need to know at a glance

  • Ticket price: The children's tour with Sally costs 15 eur per person. This price includes a small gift and a picture from the slide.
  • Duration of the tour: The tour lasts about 80 minutes.
  • Photo: During the tour, we will also take a fun souvenir photo of you on the slide.
  • Tour distance: Sally shows children her world - and will march with the youngsters 1.5 kilometers into the mountain. So, please, make sure your children are wearing sturdy shoes.
  • Language: Children's tours with Sally are only offered in German!
  • Age restrictions: We are happy to welcome children ages 4 and up at the salt mine. Please be aware that younger children are not permitted to ride into the mountain.
  • Other things you should know: The temperature inside the mountain is a relatively constant 7 degrees Celsius. For this reason, and to make your visit to the salt mine more comfortable, we recommend that you and your children wear warm clothing and sturdy shoes regardless of the weather or time of year.


No one likes to wait. And long waits are twice as unpleasant with children. That's why we recommend taking advantage of the salt mine's practical online tickets – which you can order from the comfort of home or your hotel room! With your online ticket, you will save time and not have to wait at the ticket window. Perfect for a relaxed outing with your whole family!

Still have questions about our guided tours, prices or opening times? The Salt Mine Team is always happy to answer your questions by E-Mail or on the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!