Of Watermen and Natural Beauties Salt Mine and "3-Lakes Tour"

Do you know the legend of the merman in Lake Grundlsee? Supposedly, this mysterious man would whisper in the ears of fishermen that there were salt deposits deep inside Sandling mountain in Altaussee. In other words, after your visit to the mystical Altaussee Salt Mine, the "3-Lakes Tour" will be the perfect complement. Your cruise begins at the Seeklause boat landing close to Seehotel Grundlsee. You will then float gently across the deep-blue lake to Gössl. After the ferry ride, you will no doubt be happy to do a bit of walking, so the few minutes it takes to stroll across to the Toplitzsee will be just what the doctor ordered. The untamed romance of the Ausseerland will now become clearly evident to you, as a "platte", a traditional wooden boat, carries you across the Toplitzsee, past the waterfalls and in the direction of the Kammerersee. Leaving the Toplitzsee, you will walk for about five minutes amid magical nature, coming to the romantic Kammersee. The boat will then bring you back to Gössl. And who knows, you might even catch sight of him in the depths of the Grundlsee – that legendary merman.

The group package "Salt Mine & 3-Lakes Tour" includes

  • Miners' Welcome with bread, salt and schnapps  
  • Admission and guided tour at Altaussee Salt Mine
  • Ferry ride from Grundlsee to Gössl
  • Boat ride across the Toplitzsee to Kammersee and return

Price for 20 or more people:
38.00 EUR per adult

(every 21st person free)
21.00 EUR per child

And this is what your day might look like

  • Start at 9 a.m. with a Miners' Greeting followed by a guided tour of Altaussee Salt Mine (takes about 2 hours)
  • At about 11:30 a.m.: possible lunch together at one of our partner restaurants
  • At 12:30 p.m.: departure for Grundlsee (about a 20-minute drive)
  • At 1:35 p.m.: departure by ship on the "3-Lakes Tour" (duration: about 2.5 hours, other departure times upon request)
  • Finally, departure from Gössl on your own bus

Important Information

No more waiting in line for you and your group: Go ahead and reserve your group excursion in advance with the help of our team from Altaussee Salt Mine, either by e-mail to info@salzwelten.at or phone us at +43 6132 200 2400. In that way, you will begin your day completely relaxed. Just the way it should be.

Anticipation is sometimes as much fun as the event itself! At the website of the 3-Lakes Tour, you can enjoy a first impression of your upcoming group tour. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Altaussee Salt Mine!