Salt, Bread and Schnapps traditional Miners' Welcome

Bread and salt are handed around, the small schnapps glasses chink quietly, and all eyes are directed to the mouth of the mine itself. This traditional Miners' Welcome is always something special. Bread and salt are both symbols of friendship. And the schnapps, well, that's part of the ritual, too. And while the alcohol is still trickling down the back of your throat (and of course, there is an alcohol-free variant for youngsters, not to worry), the gates to the mine open and the glistening realm of "white gold" lies before you. Appropriately fortified, you will now commence this journey into the fascinating subterranean world that has so many stories to tell. Welcome to Altaussee Salt Mine - we are happy to see you here!

Important Information

Would you like to go ahead and reserve the traditional "Miners' Greeting" for your group? Feel free! Simply contact our Salt Mine Team. You can make your reservations either by email to or phone us at +43 6132 200 2400.