Join a Children's Tour

Children are allowed to visit the salt mine from the age of 4 years. Children's tours are ideal for youngsters ages 4-10.

The tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Participation in the children's tour costs EUR 16 per person – with a small gift included!

You will need to register in advance. Please book your ticket here or send your reservation to

The temperature inside the mountain is below 10°C – so please don't forget to bring warm clothing.

We walk about 2 km through the mountain. So be sure to wear sturdy shoes that are up to this exciting adventure.

How does salt get into the mountain?

Experience with Sally this world of miners and salt from a whole new perspective. Our little mine duck knows everything down here like the back of her ... wings. Discover secret tunnels, experience fun-filled adventures, and learn all about salt. Sally, the clever mine duck, has the answers to all your questions and will be happy to explain her magical world to you. Lovingly designed animations will make it even easier to understand everything you are told.

Sally excites children with her bubbly personality, whetting their appetite to learn even more. So, have we sparked your curiosity? If so, come visit Sally in the salt mine near you.