Exciting "Salt Rally": Salt Mine and Kammerhof Museum Bad Aussee

How did salt get in the mountain in the first place? How did “white gold” help Aussee become a spa destination, and how important is it for the region today? Take your class on this exciting journey into the world of salt, also allowing them to test precisely how much they know. With the knowledge they have accumulated inside the Salt Mine itself, they shouldn’t find it too hard to answer the questions. So, ready, set, let’s start the “Salt Rally”!

The school package "Kammerhof Museum Bad Aussee" includes

  • Admission to the salt mine and special school tour "Subterranean Classroom" (duration: ca. 90 minutes)
  • School tour of the Kammerhof Museum in Bad Aussee. From a wide variety of theme tours on the program here, choose the one that works best for your curriculum and your school class. A guided tour takes about 90 minutes.

Price: 13.00 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

Information for Teachers

Would you like to learn more about the theme tours offered at the Kammerhof Museum in Bad Aussee, in order to make sure that this package is right for your school class? Feel free! Here you can obtain additional information about the Kammerhof Museum Bad Aussee.

Now is the perfect opportunity to make reservations for your school class, guaranteeing you will be able to enter the mine at the time that's best for you. With no stress and no waits. If you contact us by email to info@salzwelten.at or phone us at +43 61 32 200 2400, you can go ahead and register your class with our Salt Mine team. We look forward to seeing you here!