Splash of Enjoyment Salt Mine and Trick Fountains of Schloss Hellbrunn

It's no exaggeration to describe the pleasure palace of Hellbrunn with its spacious park, mysterious grottos and beautifully designed ponds, as a true jewel. Commissioned by Archbishop Markus Sittikus in 1613, the imposing building project was completed in 1615 - exciting vistors then as it continues to do today.

If, after an exciting and educational journey underground at the salt mine in Hellbrunn, you then come to Hellbrunn, you will be greeted by life in all its colorful and resplendent glory. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the pleasure palace of the prince archbishop with its many beautiful nooks, crannies and oases, and delight in the trick fountains, just as people did centuries ago. You will quickly see: Hellbrunn Palace has lost none of its magic.

The group package "Salt Mine & Schloss Hellbrunn Trick Fountains" includes

  • "Miners' Welcome" with bread, salt and schnapps  
  • Admission and guided tour of the salt mine (duration: ca. 80 minutes)
  • Admission to the Celtic Village next to the salt mine
  • Discounted admission to the Celtic Museum in Hallein
  • Discounted admission to the Silent Night Museum in Hallein
  • Guided tour of the Trick Fountains
  • Admission to Schloss Hellbrunn with audio guide
  • Entrance to the Folklore Museum

Price for 20 or more people:
33.50 EUR per adult
(each 21st person free)
18.50 EUR per child 

And this is what your day might look like

  • Start at 9 a.m. with a guided tour of Hallein Salt Mine
  • At 11 a.m. visit to SALINA Celtic Village  
  • Lunchtime possibly enjoyed together here at 12 p.m.
  • At 2 p.m. departure for Hellbrunn (ride takes about 20 minutes)
  • During a guided tour of the Trick Fountains and palace, you will get to know this jewel of the prince-archbishops better (visit lasts about 1.5 hours)

Important Information

No more waits for your group: Reserve your group outing with our Hallein Salt Mine Team and don't waste a single second of your day. You can send your reservation by email direct to hallein@salzwelten.at or phone us at +43 6132 200 8511. In that way, you will begin your day completely relaxed. Just the way it should be.  

Schloss Hellbrunn stands for pure joie de vivre and delightful excitement. Like to know more about your trip to Hellbrunn and the Trick Fountains? If so, on the Hellbrunn website you will find lots of information about the history of the palace.