Gems of the Prince Archbishops Salt Mine and Salzburg Historic District

As you explore the salt mine in Hallein with your guides, you will learn that the history of Salzburg City is tightly interwoven with "white gold" from the Dürrnberg. You see, the magnificent buildings in Salzburg's historic district could never have been constructed without a flourishing salt trade. Though that's far from being the only story that needs to be told. During this package, you will also stroll with a professional guide through Salzburg's world-famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed city center, picking up interesting facts and fascinating stories about the history of Salzburg along the way.

The group package "Hallein Salt Mine & UNESCO World Heritage Salzburg City“ includes

  • Admission and guided tour of the salt mine (duration: ca. 80 minutes)
  • Admission to the Celtic Village next to the salt mine
  • Discounted admission to the Celtic Museum in Hallein
  • Discounted admission to the Silent Night Museum in Hallein
  • Guided stroll trough the old city of Salzburg

Prices upon request

And this is how your day might look

  • Start at 9 a.m. with a guided tour of Hallein Salt Mine
  • At 11 a.m. visit to SALINA Celtic Village  
  • Lunchtime possibly enjoyed together here at 12 p.m.   
  • At 2 p.m. drive into Salzburg (trip takes about 35 minutes)
  • Followed by a walk led by a city guide through Salzburg's historic city center (duration: ca. 1.5 hours)

Important Information

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