Shared Journeys back through the Millennia Group tours of the salt mine

Shared experiences bring people closer together. During an excursion with friends, colleagues or members of the same organization to the salt mine in Hallstatt, you will also get to discover something else that's truly special: As you stand on the "World Heritage View" Skywalk and look down on the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hallstatt, as you walk through the ancient tunnels of the world's oldest mine, or if you have the oldest wooden staircase in Europe right there in front of your eyes - not only will you be able to sense thousands of years of history, you will also clearly feel the team spirit of those miners who toiled here side-by-side those countless years before.

Yet another bonus when you decide to take a group excursion to Hallstatt Salt Mine: weather you can count on! Especially when you are planning a trip for several people, it's nice not to rely on the whims of the weather gods. Here in this world deep below ground, the weather simply isn't a factor. The temperatures inside the mountain are constantly around 8 degrees Celsius year-round - regardless of whether it's sunny outside, raining or even snowing. Which makes the Salt Mine an ideal destination for your outing.

Of Salt Mummies and Wall Paintings


Come with us on an expedition back through thousands of years, to the world of prehistoric miners in the Hallstatt Period. The ride on the Salzberg funicular up to the high valley above Hallstatt takes only a few minutes. It was here that, around 3,000 years ago, the "Man in Salt" lived, his well-preserved body discovered in a tunnel by miners in 1734. Sepp, himself a miner, will be happy to tell you the story of the "Man in Salt" during your tour, which you will also be able to see in person inside the 4,000 m2 "Hörnerwerk": Wall paintings are projected onto the dark black walls of rock, depicting the salt finds as well as the death of the "Man in Salt".

The world's oldest salt mine, the oldest fully-preserved wooden staircase in Europe, the Hallstatt "World Heritage View" Skywalk and one of the world's longest miners' slides - Hallstatt Salt Mine truly is a place teeming with superlatives. And the perfect choice for an unforgettable group excursion. Welcome to what is sure to be an extraordinary group experience. Welcome to Hallstatt Salt Mine!


The Salzwelten Audio Guide App

Before beginning the tour of the salt mine, we suggest downloading the “Salzwelten Audio Guide” app to your smartphone or tablet, which will enable you to enjoy the tour in your own native language – it’s quick, easy and, above all, FREE!

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Thanks to our free Wi-Fi, you can also download the app once you are here.

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Important Information


No need for your group to stand waiting in line: Make advance reservations for your group with the help of our Salt Mine Team here in Hallstatt, and never waste a precious second of time! A great way to get your group outing off to an absolutely relaxed start. Just the way it's supposed to be.

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