Mix & Match: Salt Mine Offers for Groups

7000-years-old, but not boring in the slightest: Hallein Salt Mine is the oldest in the world. But although the vibes of a millennia-old history accompany every step you take deep below ground, Hallein Salt Mine also has a real love for modern multimedia experiences as well. Plus, the special Salt World offers we have put together for groups are rooted in a commitment to giving you and your friends, colleagues or fellow club members countless unforgettable experiences. Many different "building blocks" for your tours await - precisely what you choose is entirely up to you, of course.

Special "Salt Mine" Offers for Groups

First walk through the heart of the Salzberg, glide down one of the world's longest miners' slides to a mystical salt lake, then hear the story of the salt mummy known as the "Man in Salt". Afterwards, head out into the beautiful Salzkammergut region, to the Schiffleutmuseum, to the indoor climbing center in Bad Ischl, or into a wondrous world of rock & ice - the Dachstein Ice Cave: The special group offers from Hallstatt Salt Mine have something perfect in store for all tastes. Now is the ideal time to book your group adventure direct through the Salt Mine Team. We are also glad to assist with any questions you might have and would love to share a few of our own personal tips. We look forward to seeing you and your group here at the Salt Mine very, very soon!

Hallstatt Salt Mine and "Salt & Ice" Ticket

Where once the cave bears lived, today you can visit a wondrous world of ice and rock. The Dachstein Ice Caves, which include the Giant Ice Cave and Mammoth Cave, are among the highlights of the Dachstein-Salzkammergut World Heritage Region.

Price for 20 or more people:
54.00 EUR per adult

(every 21st person free)
30.00 EUR per child

Hallstatt Salt Mine & Guided Tour of Hallstatt

Hallstatt, on the lake which shares its name, has a unique charm all its own – and a very special magnetism. The best way to experience its magic is during a tour through the town. Led by an expert guide, you will stroll through the medieval heart of Hallstatt, also paying a visit to the Hallstatt Charnel House, home to over 1200 skulls.

Price for 20 or more people:
39.00 EUR per adult

(every 21st person free)
21.50 EUR per child
(additional fee for foreign-language tour guide + 20 %)

Hallstatt Salt Mine & Schiffleutmuseum Stadl Paura

At the Schiffleutmuseum in Stadl-Paura, the historical salt trade, which saw salt transported by ship down the River Traun from Hallstatt to the Danube, is documented through many original exhibition pieces. If desired and by advance order, you and your group will be greeted with delicious “Boatmen’s Snacks” – served on an original “Jausenbrett” board with a special knife provided as cutlery

Prices upon request

Additional building block: HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut

Old walls in combination with modern architecture | an array of craftsmanship and culture under one roof | handcraft exhibition | workshop & sale of Goisern-made spectacles as well as a selection of handcrafted products from the “Hand.Werk.Haus” association

Prices (guided tour incl. admission - lump sum):
up to 25 people: €   98,-
up to 50 people: € 165,-

(by advance order only)

Additional Building Block: Souvenir Photo

Hallstatt Salt Mine greets you with one of the longest miners’ slides in the world. What could be more appropriate, then, than for us to measure how fast you are slithering down it with the help of a speed gun? We’ll also snap a photo of you on the slide. In this way, you will be able to capture a marvelous moment shared with your friends or colleagues, leaving you with a lasting memory of your excursion into our mystical world of salt. So, say “cheese”!  

Price: 4.50 EUR per photo
(every 21st person free)
by advance order only

Additional Building Block: Traditional Miners' Welcome

Salt has always had a special significance for people. At one time, solemn oaths were sealed with salt. And even today, many customs are associated with salt. For example, bread and salt are symbols of hospitality - and are served, along with a shot of schnapps, as part of the traditional "Miners' Welcome" at the entrance to our mine.

Price: 2.50 EUR per person
(every 21st person free),
an alcohol-free drink is provided for children   
Price: 5 EUR per person,
if you would like to take a
souvenir shot glass home with you.

Important Information

"Eating brings people together", or so the popular saying goes. And because salt has been associated closely with culture and culinary enjoyment for longer than anyone can remember, during your group outing you should also set aside some time for a good meal. Which is also why we would be delighted to share a few dining tips with you. Wind down after your visit to the salt mine at one of our local partner restaurants, savoring the delicious dishes along with beautiful views out across the Hallstätter See. Have questions? Or would you like a few recommendations? The Salt Mine Team here in Hallstatt is always glad to assist.