Looking into the Soul of Hallstatt Combo Ticket "World Heritage View"


The sight of Hallstatt you enjoy from the "World Heritage View" Skywalk is almost surreal. And in a sense, it's like you are looking into the very soul of Hallstatt. The viewing platform hovers 360 meters above the ground and the UNESCO World Heritage Site below. It extends 12 meters out into the abyss. If you stand right at the end, at the outermost point of this platform which tapers to a point, the birds circling overhead against the backdrop of the Dachstein Massif, and before your feet the medieval confusion of streets meandering through Hallstatt, nestled up against the lake with which it shares its name, then you will clearly sense it: the fascination that is Hallstatt.

Incidentally: Even the ride up to the "World Heritage View" Skywalk is a memorable experience in its own right: The Salzbergbahn will bring you in just 3 minutes from the valley station up to the viewing platform. 


The "World Heritage View" combo ticket includes

  • Salzbergbahn, viewing platform and archaeology hike in the high valley 
  • Roundtrip ride on the Hallstatt funicular  
  • Panorama lift and bridge
  • "World Heritage View" Skywalk  
  • Grave site, exhibitions below and above ground 
  • Audio guide for the walk (D/E/I/F/SLO/CZ/H/RU/JAP/MANDARIN/ES/AR)

Price for 20 or more people:
15.00 EUR per adult
(ever 21st person free)
8.00 EUR per child

And this is what your day might look like

  • Start at 10 a.m. - ride up on the Salzbergbahn, followed by walking tour of the Hallstatt high valley with audio guide (ca. 1 hour). Followed by photo stop at the "World Heritage View" platform next to the Rudolfsturm
  • At noon: possible lunch together at one of our partner restaurants
  • Ride down on the funicular when ready

Important Information

No waits for your group at the ticket window: Make the reservations for your group visit by contacting our Salt Mine Team. You can make your reservations by email to info@salzwelten.at or simply phone us at +43 6132 200 2400. In that way, you will begin your day completely relaxed. Just the way it should be.