An exciting journey back to the Hallstatt Period Salt Mine and Hallstatt 7000

When bones talk: Hallstatt 7000 is a new archaeological project developed especially for school classes by Hallstatt Salt Mine in cooperation with the Department of Prehistory at Vienna Natural History Museum. What makes it so special: Students get to work inside the mine and in the high valley using replica prehistoric tools. A unique experience for children, providing a powerful means for them to understand the life and work of people back in the Hallstatt Period.

How do you break the salt out of the mountain? What do prehistoric skeletons have to tell us? And what does amber smell like? Hallstatt 7000 focuses squarely on interactive experiences. Your students will get to discover the rich and fascinating archaeological past of Hallstatt from a whole new perspective. Working with authentic tools inside the mine and out in the high valley, and actively involved by the archaeologists in their work, the kids don’t just learn, they assimilate.

The basic program below ground includes

  • Roundtrip ride on the Salzberg funicular in Hallstatt
  • Special archaeological tour: Using accurate replicas of Bronze Age tools, students work their way step-by-step through the prehistoric salt-mining process.
  • Duration: ca. 3 hours

Price: 26.00 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

The supplemental program above ground includes

  • Archaeological hike across the grave fields  
  • Visit to an exhibit & "curing basin" - prehistoric bacon production
  • Presentation of prehistoric finds  
  • Active component: bread baking, textile making, etc.
  • Duration: ca. 2 hours

Price: 10 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

The combo program above and below ground includes

  • Combination of the basic program and supplemental program  
  • Duration: ca. 6 hours (incl. break)

Price: 34.00 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

What else you should know

  • 2021 Dates (daily): 3 to 7 May 2021 | 20 to 24 September 2021
  • Maximum group size: 28 people
  • Recommended ages: The Hallstatt 7000 program is ideal for children ages 8 to 14.
  • Scheduling: Due to limited participation, we recommend scheduling this program as early as possible.
  • Registration: You can register for Hallstatt 7000 quickly and easily using our registration form. You are also free to contact us by email.
  • Inexpensive children's meals are available at the restaurant in the Rudolfsturm as well as our partner restaurants.
  • Weather: Programs take place regardless of weather. Simply ensure that your students come armed with sturdy shoes and warm clothing.

Information for Teachers

Still have questions about the Hallstatt 7000 program? If so, our Salt Mine Team is more than happy to assist.
Would you like to sign up your class for Hallstatt 7000? Feel free and send us a short email with your registration details to