A Story of Salt and Ice: Salt Mine and “Salt & Ice” ticket

Of salt mummies and cave bears; With the “Salt & Ice” ticket, you and your students will get to experience two highlights of the World Heritage Dachstein-Salzkammergut region in just one day. Come with us into the depths of the mystical salt mine, then discover a wondrous world of rock and ice – the Dachstein Ice Cave.

First head up into the mountains on the Salzberg funicular out of Hallstatt, which will bring you to the entrance of the salt mine. As you step through the mine entrance, you will immerse yourself in a magical world of old mine tunnels, long miners' slides and a mystical salt lake. And after this unforgettable experience, you will make your way to Trauntal, to explore the fascinating interior of the majestic Dachstein Massif. Here, led by experienced cave guides, you will walk through the ice caves where spectacular icicles and gigantic curtains of ice conjure up a shimmering bluish-white world of wonders. Salt and ice - a combination that never fails to enchant.

The "Salt & Ice" school package includes

  • Roundtrip ride on the Salzberg funicular in Hallstatt
  • Admission to the mine and special tour "Subterranean Classroom"
    (tour lasts about 90 minutes, total visit 3 hours)
  • Visit to the Giant Ice Cave or Mammoth Cave (duration: 2,5 hours)
  • Roundtrip ride on the Dachstein World Heritage Gondola, 1st section

Price: 31.50 EUR per person
(every 11th person free, redeemable within 5 days)

Information for Teachers

When it comes to trips like this, the anticipation is half the fun! If you would like to get yourself in the mood for this school trip, or if you'd like to read more details, you will find everything you are looking for on the website of the Dachstein Ice Cave.

Now is the perfect opportunity to make reservations for your school class, guaranteeing you will be able to ride up to Hallstatt high valley at the time that works best for you. Contact us by email to info@salzwelten.at or phone +43 61 32 200 2400 to register your class with the Salt World Team. We look forward to hearing from you!