Traditional Miners' Welcome Salt, bread and schnapps

The traditional "Miners' Welcome" truly is something special. Right at the entrance to the mine tunnel, in a small ceremony everyone is handed bread, salt and schnapps. Bread and salt are the symbols of hospitality. And the schnapps is drunk immediately after, just before the gate opens and the realm of "white gold" is revealed. Now fortified with the "Miners' Welcome" in your tummy, you will begin your journey into the depths of the Salzberg. Into a world of glistening salt crystals, exciting stories about miners and mystical salt lakes. Welcome to Salzburg Salt Mine - we look forward to seeing you here!

Price: 3.50 EUR per person
(every 21st person free)
alcohol-free drinks available for children
Price: 6.50 EUR per person
if you would like to take the souvenir
schnapps glass home with you.

Important Information

Would you like to go ahead and reserve the traditional "Miners' Greeting" for your group? Feel free! Simply contact our Salt Mine Team. You can make your reservations either by email to or phone us at +43 6132 200 8511.