Prices & Opening Times at Salzburg Salt Mine

Are you looking for the prices and opening times for Salzwelten Salzburg?

Right now, not a single (salt)stone has been left standing on another at our Salt Mine! In the course of a six-month remodeling phase, the hard-working miners of Salinen Austria AG are breathing a whole new soul into the Dürrnberg salt mine. But by April 2021, they will have finished putting a fine new sheen on all the salt crystals and you will be able to find the most important information for your visit to our fascinating excursion destination in Salzburger Land right here!

Questions for customer service?

Even during the remodeling phase, our service team will be there for you. Feel free to contact us by email to or phone us at +43 (0) 6132 200 2400.

Closed, but want to keep an eye on us anyway?

Would you like to follow the remodeling project and peek over the miners’ shoulders as they go about their work? On our social media channels, you will find weekly updates from below and above ground: 

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