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HALIT KönigsSalz coarse-grained and uniodised 500g

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The diamond of natural salts. The purest halite salt on Earth.
This high-quality salt is pleasantly crunchy and mildly salty in flavor. Because it is so aromatic, it is able to bring out the finer intrinsic flavors of foods. It can be used for cooking as well as seasoning at the table. This “white gold” is suitable for practically all foods and is a treat for the taste buds.

HalitKönigsSalz, just like Himalaya KönigsSalz, comes from the salt ranges of the Punjab province of Pakistan. This is where the biggest and purest deposits of halite salt are found. The structure of its crystal lattice is perfect. In its purest form, it is as clear as glass, colorless and breaks off in cubes, since the crystal lattice runs along horizontal and vertical lines. In the Middle Ages, halite salt was actually weighed out against gold. In other words, 1 kg of halite salt was worth the same as 1 kg of gold. Needless to say, this is where the term “white gold” originated. Back then, halite salt was a luxury reserved for nobility. Deposits of halite salt are found in virtually every salt mine on Earth.

500g Brick
Size 500g
Ingredients Granulate Halite Salt 2-5 mm
Packaging Brick
Storage hint Store dry and well closed!
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