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Salzburg: The Celtic Mountain A mountain full of adventures & action for the whole family!

The Celtic Mountain in SalzburgerLand is all about the Ancient Celts and unforgettable experiences! In SALINA Celtic Village, you will get to see up close how the Celts lived 2600 years ago. With the cool free Salzwelten-App, you will bring Celtic times back to life in the palm of your hand. At the BAD ISCHLER Salt Manufactory, you will get to see fragile salt pyramids growing and gently scooped out of the brine right there before your eyes. And on the playground, lots of fun activities await.

Playful exploration

When you visit Salzwelten Salzburg, you should definitely include a short side-trip to the Celtic Mountain. Here, not only does the Salt Manufactory tell the final chapter of the “Essence of Life” story, there are also lots of other things for big and small to discover and experience:

Salzmanufaktur Schaumanufaktur NaCl | © Bergauer

A visit to the BAD ISCHLER Salt Manufactory is an absolute must – the only showcase saltworks in Austria. Right at the entrance to Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg, the two-story wooden building catches your eye with its  daylight-suffused glass cube, intentionally reminiscent of a salt crystal. The big letters “NaCl” in front of the building give a clear hint as to what’s happening on the inside: This is where salt is being made! And no, not just any salt, gourmet Salzzart salt. From the gallery on the first floor or directly next to the salt pans, you can observe the pyramid-shaped salt crystals as they grow and evolve. You can peek over the master salt maker’s shoulder as he goes about his work. Be there live as the fragile pyramids are gently hand-scooped and cautiously spread out to dry. The “pan master” will also explain how everything works and the essentials of producing such delicate flakes of salt. Incidentally: The natural brine used in the manufacture of Salzzart comes from right there in the Dürrnberg – making the Salt Manufactory the final station in the journey through time which you embarked on during your visit to Salzwelten Salzburg – from the primordial ocean to the final salt product.

Here you can find another blog article about the manufactory!
Freilichtmuseum Holzhütten Kräuter Kelten | © Bergauer

When you enter the Celtic Mountain, you step into a prehistoric world. Exploring SALINA Celtic Village, the authentically replicated huts give you the sense of being a real Celt, able to experience what life was really like for the people who inhabited the Dürrnberg some 2600 years ago. Where did they sleep? What did they eat? How did they mine the salt? Where did their animals live?  In addition, the redesigned info center, with a model of the mine, numerous historical objects and illustrated episodes from the long history of this special place, opens a window into the history of Ice Age settlement on the Dürrnberg. Furthermore, the exhibition presents us with fascinating insights into the work conducted by archaeologists.

Mann Avatar Salzwelten-App destinationguide | © Bergauer

You will be able to immerse yourself even deeper in the world of the Celts with the new Salzwelten App including an augmented reality function. It brings the Celtic objects to life in 3-D, allowing you to examine them up close and from all sides. Have you ever stared the fabulous monster-like creature on the beaked jug from the Dürrnberg right in the eyes? Or held a Bronze Age salt pick in your hand? Explorers, big and small, learn even more about the Celts and the history of salt on an interactive treasure hunt leading through the entire Celtic village.

So: Turn on your smartphone, download the free app and away you go!

And if you have now whet your appetite to gaze on the original artefacts from the Dürrnberg, you will definitely want to pay a visit to nearby Museum of the Celts Hallein. Incidentally: With the Salzwelten Ticket, you also enjoy discounted admission to Museum of the Celts and the Silent Night Museum Hallein.

Download the Salzwelten-App for free!
Kletterturm Salzwelten Salzburg  | © Bergauer

If the youngsters still have energy to spare, they will definitely have a fantastic time discovering the theme playground! Tunnel pipes and a miniature mine train recreate the mine feeling in an above-ground setting. Meanwhile, the grownups can simply allow their eyes to roam over the Salzach River Valley, taking in the amazing views stretching from the Dürrnberg across the surrounding countryside.


If you would like  to pay a visit to Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg, your best option is to buy an online ticket for Salzwelten Salzburg before you get here. This ticket includes admission to Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg with all of its attractions. It will also save you potentially having to stand in a long line. Simply show up 15 minutes before the start of your tour and you’re ready to go!

Are you curious? Get your online ticket for the Salzburg Salt Mine and the Celtic Mountain now!

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Salzwelten Destination Guide & Audio Guide

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