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Hallstatt: Salt Mine

The oldest salt mine on Earth promises lots of fun in the world of today

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Salzburg: Salt Mine

The salty history of ancient oceans, Celtic princes & prince-archbishops

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Altaussee: Salt Mine

Join us for an adventurous treasure hunt in the Altaussee salt mine!

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Hallstatt: Skywalk

Absolutely awesome! The Hallstatt Skywalk & prehistoric burial grounds in the high valley

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Salzburg: Celtic Mountain

A mountain full of adventures & action for the whole family!

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Altaussee: History & Art Collection

The history of Altaussee salt mine: Of the Middle Ages, “Monuments Men” and 1.47 million m³ of brine

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Salzburg: Salt-Manufactory

The Salt-Manufactory on the Dürrnberg: Where delicate salt pyramids grow

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Hallstatt: Archaeology

7,000 years of history high above the rooftops of a UNESCO World Heritage site

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Art on the Steinberg

Art on the Steinberg: Cartoons with a good pinch of humor & twinkle in the eye

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