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Code of Conduct for the Salt Mine

General Rules for Behavior in the Salt Mine


I.                    General

1.      By paying the entrance fee, you acknowledge the application of these rules.

2.      Access is only permitted with a valid admission ticket.

3.      Individuals under the age of 14 are allowed entry only when accompanied by an adult chaperone. For safety reasons, please understand that children under the age of four are not allowed to enter the mine under any circumstances.

4.      Instructions from staff must be followed at all times.

5.      Bringing animals of any kind into the salt mine is not allowed.

6.      Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and underground.

7.      Visitors who are under the influence of consciousness-altering medications, substances, or alcohol, or engage in disruptive behavior, will be denied entry by supervisory staff.


II.                   Individuals with Disabilities or Restricted Mobility

Salzwelten strives to facilitate visits to the salt mine for individuals with disabilities or restricted mobility as much as possible. However, this is limited by the need to avoid any hazards affecting visitors both as a group and as individuals while underground. This applies not only to regular visitor traffic but also to potential evacuations in the case of emergency. Therefore, the following applies:

1.      Due to the obstacles which need to be overcome (stairs) and narrow emergency exits (in the event of an emergency evacuation), visits to the salt mine are unfortunately not possible for wheelchair users.

2.      Visits to the salt mine are generally possible for individuals with walking disabilities (excluding wheelchair users) if the visitor is capable of walking 2 km without any problems.

3.      Visits to the salt mine are generally possible for individuals with intellectual disabilities under the same conditions as stated in 2.). If the individuals come as a group from a supervised facility, accompanied by professional caregivers, the caregivers must be able to guide and safeguard the individuals in their care throughout the entire tour.

4.      The decision whether the conditions stated in 2.) or 3.) are met will be made by on-site supervisory staff. They may refuse entry if it is evident that entering the mine would pose an increased risk to the individual or the entire group of visitors. In this case, the paid admission fee (and possibly the chaperone's fee should they also choose not to visit) will be refunded.

That said, if you are in any doubt we strongly recommend contacting us by phone about your intended visit.


III.                 Claustrophobia

For their own safety, individuals suffering from claustrophobia are not allowed to visit the salt mine.


IV.                Safety Rules

1.      During the tour, it is crucial to strictly follow the instructions of the supervisors and the guide.

2.      It is essential to always stay with the group and never venture underground independently. If a visitor is unable to continue or needs to interrupt their tour, they must inform the guide without delay.

3.      While riding the mine train, feet must always remain on the footboards of the carriage. Arms and legs should not be extended sideways. No one should stand up or jump off the train during the ride. Exiting the train is only permitted when visitors are explicitly instructed to do so by the guide.

4.      Prior to riding on the slide, the guide will provide instructions on how to slide correctly. Follow these instructions precisely.

5.      Whether or not they are physically capable of riding the slide must be determined by each individual personally and upon their own responsibility. Visitors who do not wish to slide may alternatively use the stairs which are available next to the slide.

6.      It is solely the responsibility of the parents (or the responsible chaperones) to assess whether their child or the person under their care is capable of riding the slide. If the guide has concerns, they may exclude the person from sliding and direct them to walk instead.

7.      Visitor safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, the guide may, at their own discretion and as required to do so, prohibit the use of the slide if any safety concerns exist.

8.      Only the guide is allowed to open barriers.

9.      Touching or operating machinery or exhibits is strictly prohibited.


V.                  Photography

1.      Photography is permitted both in front of the entrance building and throughout the entire tour of the salt mine. For safety reasons, photography is only allowed while standing still (not while walking) to prevent visitors from tripping. It is important to always consider the privacy rights of other visitors and avoid capturing images of other participants.

2.      To meet visitor demands for souvenir photos, the visitor agrees (revocably – see below) that photos may be taken of them and, if applicable, their family. These photos may be purchased optionally after the tour has concluded. If the visitor chooses not to purchase them, the photos and image data will be destroyed forthwith. The photos are not taken by Salzwelten but by an independent photographer.

3.      In terms of data protection, we provide you with the following basic information in accordance with Art. 13 and 14 of the GDPR:

-          Photographer and Data Protection Officer: This information is clearly posted on-location for every visitor to view.

-          Purpose of processing and legal basis:

The photos are taken to provide visitors of the salt mine with a memento of their visit, which they can take with them immediately at the end of the tour. The photos are printed and made available for viewing. If the visitor chooses not to purchase the photo, the photos and image data will be destroyed on the same day.

The legal basis is consent based on these terms and conditions, which visitors are additionally informed about when purchasing admission tickets and in the vestibule of the salt mine (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR). Photography is thus part of the visitor contract concluded with visitors (Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR). Photography on the slide serves the additionally purpose of securing evidence (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR).

-          Recipients:

The created photographs are only offered for purchase to the individuals depicted in the pictures. They are not provided to other individuals under any circumstances, except if a photo needs to be used for the purpose of securing evidence.

Information about the right to object and further data protection notices can be found at https://tickets.salzwelten.at/de/datenschutzerklaerung.


VI.                Limitation of Liability

Salzwelten GmbH is liable for damages to the contracting party caused within the scope of the contractual collaboration, regardless of the legal basis, only in cases of premeditation or gross negligence.

The exclusion of liability or limitation of liability does not apply if Salzwelten GmbH is mandatorily liable in case of injury to life, body, or health, or for damages to privately used items under the Product Liability Act or for other compelling reasons.


VII.              Miscellaneous

Furthermore, the General Terms and Conditions of Salzwelten GmbH apply (https://tickets.salzwelten.at/de/agb).


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