Hallstatt – the treasure chamber for archaeologists

Even in the international world of archaeology, Hallstatt is regarded as an absolute hotspot. Year after year, researchers from the Natural History Museum in Vienna come here in order to continue their work at dig sites in Hallstatt, bringing various fragments of the past to light one piece at a time.

Due to the extraordinarily rich finds from the grave field, Hallstatt has been world famous since the 18th century. Treasures from across virtually the entire known world of that time were unearthed in the Hallstatt grave field – an absolute archaeological treasure chamber indeed! No wonder, then, that every year researchers from the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna come to Hallstatt for research purposes.

Basis for today's mine research

Since 1960, annual excavation programs have been conducted in the mine, and since 1992 also in the grave field. The scientific work in the depths of the Salzberg, performed for four decades by the pioneer of Austrian mine archaeology, Fritz Eckart Barth, established the foundation for the mine research which continues today. As a consequence, scientists have been able to extrapolate how people lived together in prehistoric times – their lifestyles, the division of labor, how they spent the changing seasons.

Would you like to learn more about the research conducted by archaeologists from NHM Vienna? Here you can visit the website of the Vienna Museum of Natural History - Hallstatt Program, where you will find everything you could possibly want to know.