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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Useful information Hallstatt Salt Mine

Before the tour

In order to reach the Hallstatt salt mine, you first have to ride the Panoramabahn (funicular) up to the Hallstatt high valley. The "Path through time" will lead you through the world-famous grave field, you can visit a reconstructed grave and attend a Celtic burial ceremony before reaching the Knappenhaus, the building at the entrance to the salt mine. After touring the world’s oldest salt mine, you will walk via the footpath back to the mountain terminal. Before riding back down to the bottom, we suggest paying a visit to the spectacular Hallstatt Skywalk “World Heritage View” viewing platform, where you will be treated to amazing views of Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding mountain scenery.

If you are travelling by public transport, we recommend the ÖBB Kombiticket or the ÖBB Plus offer. More information can be found here.
Complete information about public transportation can be found at www.oebb.at

At the salt mine in Hallstatt, we do not have any designated visitor parking of our own. When you plan your journey to Hallstatt, leave plenty of time to hunt for parking. Due to the large volume of visitors, time delays are not unusual.

In the above-ground areas of all three locations we provide free Wi-Fi for our guests. 

In the visitor center at the valley station, you will find storage lockers of different sizes (price € 2.00 per hour). Smaller backpacks and bags can be left for free at the Knappenhaus (entrance to the salt mine). 

All Salzwelten locations accept cash, debit cards (ATM or EC Card), Mastercard, or VISA. Gift certificates can also be redeemed at our ticket counter or the Salzwelten Shop.

Protective clothing

Due to the year-round low temperatures between 7 and 10° Celsius, as well as the occasionally uneven walking surface, warm clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended! Additional protective clothing is provided on site.

Without exception! It protects your own clothing and provides additional safety on the slides!

Children & Pets

Die Salzwelten sind für alle ein Erlebnis! Der Eintritt ins Bergwerk ist Kindern jedoch laut Bergbaugesetz erst ab vier Jahren gestattet. Für die Kleineren gibt es aber auch ober Tage einiges zu erleben!

Please understand that, for safety reasons, without exception children under age 4 are not permitted to enter the salt mines. But don’t forget, you are indeed free to enjoy the attractive facilities we provide above ground.

All locations have restaurants, shops and other offers (e.g. exhibitions) available above ground.

Unfortunately, dogs and other animals are not allowed in the mines. In Hallstatt and Altaussee, species-appropriate kennels are provided for our four-legged friends.

Inside the mine

Temperatures range between 7 and 10° Celsius (44 to 50° Fahrenheit). A warm jacket and sturdy shoes are recommended!

For safety reasons, visits to the salt mines are only permitted as part of a guided tour. 

A tour of the salt mine in Hallstatt lasts about 90 minutes. You can assume that your visit will take at least 2 ½ hours in total (incl. rides up and down the mountain on the Salzbergbahn funicular and a short hike across the Hallstatt high valley to the entrance building outside Hallstatt salt mine).

In Hallstatt, the Salzbergbahn funicular will carry you comfortably and quickly up to the Hallstatt high valley. There, you can take the new panorama lift, bringing you quickly up to the Outlook Bridge. From here, you have a 15-minute walk uphill to the Knappenhaus, the building at the entrance to Hallstatt salt mine. Once you are underground, you will cover roughly 2 km on foot. Your tour concludes with a ride out on the mine train.

Of course! The unusual rock formations and special atmosphere inside the mountain offer unique photo motifs. We would be delighted if you would share your photographs with us on Instagram or Facebook.

However, if you intend taking professional photographs for commercial purposes, please register with our press office

Please be aware that, due to the natural features inside the mines, wheelchair visits are not possible.

If you happen to suffer from claustrophobia, we would strongly suggest not visiting the salt mines. 

Instead of the slides, you are also welcome to use the stairs with hand railings right next to them.

All standard guided tours are available in German as well as English at no extra charge.

Yes, in order to offer you a unique experience we offer the following languages at our location in Hallstatt:
D / E / I / F / SLO / CZ / H / RU / JAP / Mandarin / ES / AR / HEB

IOS smartphone in the form of free app “Salzwelten Audio Guide”, or you can rent the audio guide at the salt mine ticket window for € 3.00 per person. 

Online Tickets & Discounts

You can reschedule your ticket at the ticket offices on-site, provided there are still enough spaces available on later tours.

However, we recommend arriving punctually for your scheduled timeslot as you may otherwise have to wait. If there are no more spaces available in subsequent timeslots on the same day, we will only be able to reschedule your ticket for a different day.

Cancellation on-site is not possible. Please contact our customer center at +43 (0) 6132 200 2400 or send an email to info@salzwelten.at to find out whether or not cancellation is possible in your case.

If there are still available slots at a later time, the ticket can be rebooked on-site at the ticket counters. Otherwise, the ticket can be rebooked for another day. 

However, we recommend arriving punctually for your scheduled timeslot as you may otherwise have to wait. If there are no more spaces available in subsequent timeslots on the same day, we will only be able to rebook your ticket for a different day. Notwithstanding, cancellation is not possible.

For rebookings or changes to your group reservation, please contact our customer service center at +43 (0) 6132 200 2400 or send an email to info@salzwelten.at. If there are any other changes on the day of your visit, please also inform our customer service center. 

Cancellation on site is not possible. Your reservation can be canceled free of charge by our customer service center up to 3 days before your planned visit.

However, we advise you to arrive punctually for your scheduled time slot with larger groups, as you may encounter very long waiting times otherwise. If you are late, it might easily happen that there are no more spaces available later in the day. In such a case, the reservation can only be rebooked for another day. Please note that we will be obliged to charge the full regular price for cancellations caused due to delays, etc.

If the change involves 5 people or less, simply notify our staff at the ticket counter upon arrival. For greater changes in the number of participants, please inform our customer service center as early as possible at +43 (0) 6132 200 2400 or by email to info@salzwelten.at

  • You can select your preferred tour time 
  • Walk straight into the entrance and changing area 
  • Online tickets can be shown to staff on your smartphone or tablet

Please be aware that discounted tickets or special rebates can only be honored at the ticket window in person.

Promotional gift certificates and coupons can only be redeemed directly at our registers and cannot be refunded. Online gift certificates are redeemable at the registers of all Salzwelten locations as well as in our online shops at tickets.salzwelten.at and shop.salzwelten.at.

Due to high demand, individual tours and entire days can sometimes be sold out.

Still have some questions?


The Salt Mine Team is always happy to answer your questions. 
You can reach us by email at info@salzwelten.at or by phoning +43 6132 200 2400. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

Salzwelten Destination Guide & Audio Guide

Hier können Sie sich Ihren Audioguide für die Salzwelten herunterladen. Es sind die Standorte Hallein, Hallstatt und Altaussee auf dieser App zusammengefasst.