Hallstatt Salt Mine: a mine of superlatives

The oldest salt mine in the world, Europe’s oldest wooden staircase and the free-floating Skywalk with its “World Heritage View”, 360 meters above the ground: Hallstatt Salt Mine is a mine of superlatives. Come with us on a journey of discovery, back to the very beginnings of salt mining some 7,000 years ago, and experience the history of Bronze Age mining, recounted today in spectacular fashion thanks to state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including a Bronze Age Cinema 400 meters below ground. Here, you will experience up-close the very breath of history. Welcome to Hallstatt Salt Mine!

Even as the doors of the Salzberg lift are closing, it’s something you can clearly sense. And when the gondolas are gently set into motion, the town of Hallstatt and the Hallstätter See in the background grow steadily smaller, and the high valley comes into view, your anticipation for the unique world you are about to enter can barely be contained: a world deep below ground.

The oldest staircase in Europe, in the Bronze Age Cinema

Did you know that the oldest wooden staircase ever found in Europe is right here inside Hallstatt Salt Mine? It was discovered in 2002 in the prehistoric section of the Salzberg outside Hallstatt. For years, this staircase was the object of scientific research, since when it has been given a place of honor inside Hallstatt Salt Mine. In collaboration with the Vienna Museum of Natural History and employees of Salinen Austria AG, a new “Bronze Age Cinema” was built in which visitors can also see the actual staircase. A film animation is then projected directly onto the staircase, showing what daily life was like for workers back in the Bronze Age. In the Bronze Age Cinema, high-tech goes hand-in-hand with millennia-old history to offer an experience that enthralls visitors of all ages

For adventurers: prehistoric expedition into the heart of the mountain

Talking of “enthralling”: If you love a bit of added adventure and you are really interested in the history of salt as well as of Hallstatt, Hallstatt Salt Mine has a quite extraordinary highlight to offer. By advance registration, you can book a prehistoric expedition that takes you to places most visitors don’t normally get to see. During this tour lasting several hours, you will feel even closer to the miners of much earlier times. Outfitted with overalls, a helmet and lamp, you will penetrate deep into the mountain and its heart of salt, to the site where the “Man in Salt” was found, and to many other treasures that generally lie hidden inside the dark tunnels. So, have we whet your appetite for adventure? Wonderful! We look forward to seeing you here!

Tours & Prices

New Highlight: The Time Spiral

The “Time Spiral” descending deep into the Hallstatt mine depicts salt mining, past and present, here in the world’s oldest salt mine. Laser holographic projections and new lighting effects make the history of Hallstatt even more tangible. Thanks to the three-dimensional projections, the major highlights of 7000 years of salt mining are brought vividly back to life.

Salzwelten Exclusive: The new VIP Tour

Private Tours through Hallstatt Salt Mine

Beginning in June 2019, Hallstatt salt mine offers exclusive guided tours. Led by a private guide, guests will explore the secrets of the world’s oldest salt mine. VIPs will be greeted at the reserved parking area by a specially trained guide and will then travel together up to the high valley. The content of the tour is tailored to the special wishes and interests of customers: including the Skywalk World Heritage View skywalk, the grave fields, prehistoric mine, mining technology, subterranean salt lake and the miners’ slides.

A world premiere awaits visitors in the separate VIP room: VR glasses provide a precise 3-D depiction of the mine as it was back in the Bronze Age.

During this four-hour tour, visitors are treated to extraordinary insights as well as personalized service. Includes parking, refreshments and a souvenir photo.

Salzwelten Exclusive: The new VIP Tour

Registration and additional information: Tel. +43 (0) 6132 200 2400 or info@salzwelten.at
Group: Maximum 10 people/guide
Duration: 4 hours
Prices on request

Marvel and dream: Hallstatt’s “World Heritage View” Skywalk

You will be able to make your way up there in a matter of minutes thanks to the Salzbergbahn funicular. Once at the top, you will be greeted by a sight that will take your breath away. When you stand on the 360-meters-high free-floating viewing platform known as the Hallstatt Skywalk, a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site will stretch out deep below your feet: Hallstatt, a town of medieval streets and picturesque houses, beyond which lies the mystical, sparkling deep-blue lake which shares the same name. A view that defies description. Something you simply have to see with your own eyes.

Memory of Mankind

The Memory of Mankind Foundation (MOM) was founded with the goal of preserving an image of our present far beyond the digital age. For this purpose, ceramic-based data tablets are stored deep in the salt mine of Hallstatt (Austria) in the Memory of Mankind Archive. Memory of Mankind launches its first international campaign, A Thousand Books for a Million Years, to select and store on ceramic microfilm tablets the 1000 most important books of humanity. Further campaigns on painting, architecture, technology and music are to follow.

Click here to learn more about the MOM foundation

Additional Information

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