Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the temperature inside the salt mine?
The temperature underground is between 7 and 10°C (44°/50° Fahrenheit). Don't forget to wear a warm jacket and sturdy footwear!

Can children visit the salt mine?
The salt mine is an experience for everyone! However, admission to the mine is not available to children below the age of four. However, there is still a great deal for younger children to experience above the mine!

Can babies be carried in the mine?
Please understand that for safety reasons children under the age of four are not permitted in the mine, without exception. Nevertheless, there are salt mine facilities available above ground.

May dogs enter the mine?
No, dogs are not permitted into the mine.

Is special clothing required?
Due to the low temperatures throughout the year and the rocky subsoil, warm clothing and sturdy footwear are recommended. You will be given protective clothing on-site.

Is it obligatory to wear the protective clothing?
Definitely! It serves to protect your own clothing and offers greater personal safety when sliding.

How long does the tour take?

  • The visit to the mine in Altaussee takes about 80 minutes.
  • The visit to the mine in Hallstatt takes about 70 minutes. Please calculate a total stay of at least two hours (including the return ride on the Salzberg and a short walk over the Hallstatt High Valley to the entrance building of the Hallstatt Salt Mine).
  • The visit to the mine in Hallein takes about 70 minutes. Please calculate at least 90 minutes (excluding a visit to the Celtic Village).

Is photography permitted in the mine?
Naturally! The unusual views of the rock formations and the special atmosphere in the mine are popular with photographers.

Is the tour route suitable for wheelchairs?
Unfortunately, the natural conditions in the tunnels make a visit in a wheelchair impossible.

How long is the route to be covered by foot?

  • In Altaussee you walk about 2.5 km through tunnels of pure salt
  • In Hallstatt the Salzberg funicular takes you comfortably and quickly up to the Hallstatt High Valley. Here, you can use the new Panorama Lift to reach the look-out bridge. From there you walk for about 15 minutes slightly uphill to the miners’ house at the entrance to Hallstatt Salt Mine. You cover about 2 km on foot in the tunnels. You leave the mine on the pit railway.
  • In Hallein, you enter the Hallein Salt Worlds on the pit railway, after which you walk about 1.5 km. You also leave the mine by pit railway.

Is there an alternative to the slides?
If you prefer, you may use the slides adjacent to the stairways.

How can waiting time be spent with a baby or small child?
At all locations there are restaurants, shops and attractions above ground (e.g. exhibitions).

In which languages are the tours carried out?
All tours are available in German and English without surcharge. In Hallein we also offer tours in Italian without surcharge.

Audio guides (€2,50 per person) are available in English, Italian, French, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish. Additionally, in Hallstatt and Hallein audio guides are available in German, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese.

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