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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Useful information Salzburg Salt Mine

Current Corona Safety Measures


Due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, effective immediately and until further notice, visitors to all Salzwelten locations are subject to statutory behavioral and hygiene regulations. In this regard, we have taken this opportunity to provide answers to some of your most important questions. (Subject to change).

What safety regulations must we comply with while we visit the salt mines? 

  • Compulsory presentation of a test result / vaccination certificate / confirmation of a Covid disease (For children up to 12 years of age, the test result of the parents or a legal guardian applies, from the age of 12 children need their own test result.
  • Validity of tests: Self-test with digital solution 24 hours, antigen test 48 hours, PCR test 72 hours
  • Wear a face mask (Children from the age of 6 years must wear a face mask.)
  • Keep distance
  • Disinfect your hands

Do I have to wear a face mask during the entire visit? 
The mask requirement applies to all indoor areas of all Salzwelten locations.

Who has to wear a face mask?
All of our tour employees as well as guests ages six and up must wear a face mask.

Where can I disinfect my hands? 
Disinfectant dispensers have been installed in the entrance area of all locations for the use of our visitors.

Before the Tour

Yes! Complete information about public transportation can be found at www.oebb.at

At the Salzburg Salt Mine, we offer guests free parking for buses and cars.

In the above-ground areas of all three locations we provide free Wi-Fi for our guests.

Yes, small backpacks and bags can be stored during the tour at our storage lockers (free of charge). We kindly ask you to leave big backpacks in your car. 

At all of our salt mines, you can pay in cash, with your bank card, or using your MasterCard or VISA.

Protective clothing

Aufgrund der ganzjährig niedrigen Temperaturen von 10° Celsius und des teilweise unebenen Untergrunds sind warme Kleidung und feste Schuhe empfehlenswert! Schutzkleidung erhalten Sie vor Ort.

Ausnahmslos! Sie dient zum Schutz Ihrer eigenen Kleidung und als Sicherheit beim Rutschen!

Children & Pets

The salt mines are a great experience for everyone! However, the law restricts admission to the salt mines to children ages 4 and up. Nonetheless, there is plenty for younger children to experience above ground as well!

Our Tip: Visit the new Celtic Mountain. Children under 4 years are free of charge. 

Please understand that, for safety reasons, without exception children under age 4 are not permitted to enter the salt mines. But don’t forget, you are indeed free to enjoy the attractive facilities we provide above ground. For example visit the new Celtic Mountain. Children under 4 years are free of charge.

All locations have restaurants, shops and other offers (e.g. exhibitions) available above ground.

Tip: We recommend visiting the new Celtic Mountain, located right next to the Salzwelten Salzburg. There you will find a themed playground, the salt factory and the Celtic village SALINA. Here you can find the entrance fees for the Celtic Mountain.

Unfortunately, dogs and other animals are not allowed in the mines. In Hallstatt and Altaussee, species-appropriate kennels are provided for our four-legged friends.

Im Inside the mine

Temperatures range between 7 and 10° Celsius (44 to 50° Fahrenheit). A warm jacket and sturdy shoes are recommended!

For safety reasons, visits to the salt mines are only permitted as part of a guided tour.

A tour of the salt mine in Salzburg lasts approximately 60 minutes. In this case, you should reckon with at least 90 minutes for your visit (not including the Celtic Mountain).

Additionally we recommend to visit also the new Celtic Mountain (included in your Salt Mine ticket). For the entire visit, we recommend that you allow 2.5 hours for the visit.

In Salzburg, your train ride into the mine is followed by a ca. 1 km long walk through the mine tunnels. Finally, you will ride the train back out of the mountain.

Of course! The unusual rock formations and special atmosphere inside the mountain offer unique photo motifs. We would be delighted if you would share your photographs with us on Instagram or Facebook.

However, if you intend taking professional photographs for commercial purposes, please register with our press office.

Please be aware that, due to the natural features inside the mines, wheelchair visits are not possible.

If you happen to suffer from claustrophobia, we would strongly suggest not visiting the salt mines.

Instead of the slides, you are also welcome to use the stairs with hand railings right next to them.

All standard guided tours are available in German as well as English at no extra charge.

Yes, in order to offer you a unique experience we offer the following languages at our location in Salzburg:
E / I / F / SLO / CZ / SK / H / RU / JAP / Mandarin / ES / AR / HEB

These audio guides can be downloaded for free to your Android or IOS smartphone in the form of free app “Salzwelten Destination Guide”, or you can rent the audio guide at the salt mine ticket window for € 3.00 per person. 

Online-Tickets & Discounts

  • You can select your preferred tour time
  • No need to wait at the ticket window
  • Walk straight into the entrance and changing area
  • Online tickets can be shown to staff on your smartphone or tablet

Especially during the summer months from June until September, our guided tours are offered every 20 minutes. And even every 10 minutes on busy days. For organizational reasons, not all tours are bookable online.

Please be aware that discounted tickets or special rebates can only be honored at the ticket window in person.

Coupons can only be redeemed at the ticket window and may not be sent in at a later date.

Still have some questions?


The Salt Mine Team is always happy to answer your questions.
You can reach us by email at info@salzwelten.at or by phoning +43 6132 200 8511.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Salzwelten Destination Guide & Audio Guide

Hier können Sie sich Ihren Audioguide für die Salzwelten herunterladen. Es sind die Standorte Hallein, Hallstatt und Altaussee auf dieser App zusammengefasst.